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DVD Swaps UK

Watch it... Swap It!

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Have a large DVD collection? Found your interests changing over time? Gone off films or TV shows, want to try something different, but a bit strapped for cash or space?
Don't keep buying new DVDs when you could save a fortune and swap with other collectors! All it will cost you is postage and packing, most likely no more than a couple of quid. Registered Delivery is an option.

The rules are simple. You post a list with your swaps, and if there's anything you really want it can't hurt to mention it, otherwise just see what other people have got, and work out the postage between yourselves!

THE LEGAL BIT & CODE OF CONDUCT - apologies if this seems a bit heavy from the get go, but a happy trading community must have clear ground rules to avoid disappointment.

*This community and its moderator can take no responsibility for refunding or replacing lost or otherwise non-received items - other members have the FULL RESPONSIBILITY to accurately describe what they have and post in a timely fashion.

*please don't try and swap scratched discs; marketing tells us they are robust, but in reality anything more than the lightest surface markings can render the disc useless or only half playable, which is arguably more disappointing to the recipient.

*Your privacy is important - agree (or reject, don't feel obligated) your swap either by email or in comments. The community recommends you screen your address.

*no need to blow a fortune on outrageous postage and packing - a jiffy bag is normally quite sufficient for your average amaray case; bubblewrap and brown paper are cheap and cheerful enough for larger boxed sets. Insurance is available from the Post Office, however. Prices have recently changed, to impact on size and weight, but a couple of quid should cover most swaps.

*Please don't offer, say, "TV SERIES SEASON 4 boxed set, missing Disc 3!" or some version of "FILM SE: EXTRAS DISC UNPLAYABLE DUE TO SCRATCH BUT FILM IS FINE!" There will be few people who'll realistically want that.

*Members will be banned if they abuse the good faith of other users. However, once again, a swap is the sole responsibility of the two members partaking, and moderators cannot be held responsible for misconduct.

*If your DVDs come in less than "as new" condition, you can offer them but you MUST specify their condition. Likewise if any inserts are missing or spoiled (ie booklets in TV series Season Sets) please clarify this. Replacement Amaray cases can be bought very cheaply in most shops such as WH Smith.

SEALED/AS NEW: - unwanted gift? Don't cause upset to a generous gift-giver who didn't know you already had that DVD by returning it to them, simply swap with someone else and everyone's happy!

EXCELLENT: (played, otherwise fine, no marks or scratches on disc, packaging in good condition with no rips, cracks or tears, and all relevent inserts intact and included.)

OK: No disc scratches, case slightly cracked/crease in insert/missing insert, plays flawlessly

OTHER: Light scratches but disc has been checked and plays fine; ripped cover; boxed set packaging in poor condition but discs play fine etc.

Any further queries, contact the mod. Happy swapping!