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DVD Swaps UK

Notes In The Rules, Lists

Notes In The Rules, Lists

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Hi everyone,

Have tweaked the rules again just a little, once again. We've got three people including myself who have posted lists - how are other lists going? We're not going to see much activity until the master list (posted dated, so always the first thing you should see when you click on the community (if you're not reading via your Flist) is a bit longer.

Also, promoted the community on LJ_UK a second time, just to catch people at a more reasonable hour.

Somebody believed DVD swapping was exactly the same as piracy/mp3 sharing. I disagree, quite strongly, to be honest. As far as I understand it, there is nothing illegal about the exchange of paid-for property. Of course, the DVD companies WANT you to buy your own disc instead of swapping them, so they're not delighted about the idea, but it's not that much different to eBay.

That's my point of view anyway.

Let's all have a heated debate!
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